NKONikola Kolev aka NKO is a rap musician from Bor, Serbia, currently living in Vicenza, Italy.

He was born on December 23, 1989 in Zaječar, Serbia then moved to Italy in 2003 and that’s when he got interested in rap music and started writing his first lyrics.

In 2005 NKO met Evans Kommel (Spaklin) and formed a group named B&W SQUAD (Black & White Squad). With B&W he made his first songs but soon after Spaklin moved to London, their collaboration stopped. In 2007 NKO dropped his first demo called “Somewhere in the middle” thanks to J-Roc (producer) and MR. Taylor (beatmaker). In 2008 NKO dedicated himself to rap music more seriously and met famous Italian producer & rapper Penta and started making songs in Prottocollo Zero studio. After 3 years NKO finally releases his first serious work – Broken House EP.